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Minimum Length In HoursMax 30 Days in AdvanceMore Than 3 days before the Item(s) begin date.Match One Item weekday(s) of Sunday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday.Time RangeAdvanced settings: less than or equal to 2.00 Item(s) per current month per household.

Vinland Neigh Park4695 E. GettysburgFresno, CA, 93727(559)621-6600Facility: Vinland Field


The soccer and football field is equipped with lighting and goal posts.

Individuals are limited to reserving no more than twice per month. Same-day reservations for athletic facility bookings are possible by contacting the PARCS department at Reserve@fresno.gov or by phone at 559-621-PLAY (7529). Same-day reservations are subject to availability and accept facilities as they are.

Reservations requiring site preparation must be made at least 72 hours in advance but no more than 4 weeks in advance. Field preparation includes chalking of the field and will be subject to additional fees. For further questions regarding field preparation please contact the PARCS department.

For league bookings (regular practices and games), tournaments, clinics, programs, special events, or revenue-generating activities, please complete an online Advanced Reservation Application.

Vinland Field