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Transaction Date/Time on or after 05/31/24 @ 8:00am.Reservation DateCapacityMore Than 3 days before the Item(s) begin date.Maximum 365 Days In AdvanceValid Time Blocks1
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Regional Sports Park1707 W. JensenFresno, CA, 93706(559)621-7529Facility: Regional Sports Complex Pavilion 1


The Regional Sports Complex Picnic Pavilion has 5 tables total which seats 40 people. This picnic pavilion has lighting and is within proximity to the restrooms and parking. The reservation time block includes set up and clean up.

Refund requests must be received no later than two (2 weeks) prior to the reservation date. No refunds will be given because of inclement weather.

Reservations hours include setup and cleanup.

For questions and additional information, please contact the PARCS Office at 559 621-PLAY (7529).