Details for Cedar Grove All (4)

HeadCount Less Than or Equal to 140. Minimum 3 days before the item transaction date. .Maximum 365 days before the item transaction date. .Item begin time At or After 7:00am and item end time At or Before 10:00pm.

Cedar Grove All (4) Roeding Regional Pk890 W. BelmontFresno, CA, 93728(559)621-2900


"Cedar Grove includes all 4 picnic tables, which seats 140 people. This picnic grove is near the Olive Avenue entrance of the park and includes BBQ's, electrical outlets an open grass area. For questions, please contact the PARCS Office @ 559 621-2900)

WINTER HOURS: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm (Nov. 1 - March 9) No refunds will be given because of inclement weather or electrical failure. Although every effort is made to ensure that lights and outlets are working prior to your reservation, power outages or overloaded circuits sometime occur, and will not be considered reason for a refund."

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