Details for Redwood Glen

HeadCount Less Than or Equal to 200. More Than 3 days before the item begin date.Maximum 365 days before the item transaction date. .Item begin time At or After 8:00am and item end time At or Before 12:00pm.Item begin time At or After 12:00pm and item end time At or Before 4:00pm.Item begin time At or After 4:00pm and item end time At or Before 8:00pm.Item begin time At or After 7:00am and item end time At or Before 7:00pm.

Redwood Glen Woodward Regional Pk7775 N. FriantFresno, CA, 93720(559)621-2900


The Redwood Glen is south of the Shinzen Japanese Garden Parking Lot and overlooks the lake and is surrounded by trees, it has the capacity of 200 people. It is a beautiful setting for Wedding Ceremonies and/or Photos ONLY. This area may be reserved for 6 hours per day, per customer. Times available are 7 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 1 p.m. - 7 p.m. and the cost is $50 per 6 hour time block. This time block must include your set up, ceremony and clean up. Please select a 6 hour time frame to complete your reservation.
For additional information please call (559) 621-PLAY (7529).
Cancellations/Refunds: Request for Cancellation/Refund must be made in writing to the PARCS Director stating the reason for a refund. This request may be made via e-mail to the or mailed to ATTN Reservations, PARCS Department 770 N. San Pablo Ave. Fresno 93705. Proof of payment (receipt or canceled check) must accompany the written request. Refund requests must be received no later than two (2 weeks) prior to the reservation date. No refunds will be given because of inclement weather or electrical failure. Although every effort is made to ensure that lights and outlets are working prior to your reservation, power outages or overloaded circuits sometimes occur and will not be considered reason for a refund. Refunds are subject to a $15.00 processing fee and may take four to six weeks to process.

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